A Weekend Well Spent

The weekend in reserve: Sunday night movie awesomeness High-Rise, directed by Ben Wheatley and based on the 1975 J.G Ballard novel of the same name. Such an enjoyable assault on the senses I wanted to go right back into the cinema and see it again. I think it’s the highest praise possible that two days later I’m still replaying bits in my head – mainly Portishead’s cover of Abba’s SOS, the concrete brutalism of the high rise itself and the scene of Luke Evans and Tom Hiddleston dancing.


Bath Time

ChandelierI’m back in the UK and on Friday went to the see the Laura Ashley exhibition at Bath’s Fashion Museum.  If I could have stolen anything it would definitely have been one of these mini dresses.miniLA2 LA4 KaftanAbove: My favourite dress of the exhibition, a more or less totally shapeless kaftan made in a LA fabric inspired by a traditional Provencal motif, the cicada.  I was also quitetaken with the girl in the background! Her hair was the most amazing colour and literally glowing!  Below: Doors to Manual and a couple of other Bath time treats –

DoorsPainting –
paintingStairway to heaven –

Haberdashery Heaven

Boxes FullLast weekend saw Sorgue taken over by the annual antiques fair.  There were so many beautiful little bits and pieces… silk sari lampshades, antique Paris Match’s, a bike with super chic Louis Vuitton basket, pots and pans etc but heaven in a heatwave came in the form of a haberdashery stall.  I had just finished prising free various scrappy bits of ribbon when the owner sidled up and informed me they were 10 euros each!ScrapsThese metallic threads also caught my eye …
MetallicLV –LVI also loved the Swiss army surplus tent, especially these mapping tools and colourful fellow browsers.
AnglesPattern AppricationIt was nice to see the seasons starting to change, albeit very slowly, with ornamental squashes making their first appearance this year.Ornamental


I love the Whitechapel Gallery and it seems to have expanded three fold since the last time I was there.  The show on at the moment by Gert & Uwe Tobias is a kind of mixed media, collage, printing block heaven of bright colours and designs that would make fabulous textiles.Untitled detail 2012I really liked the way you can see the lines where the printing joins up and the mixture of colours.  Of all the things I’ve seen so far in London this exhibition has, by far, inspired me the most.  I also liked the smaller collaged pieces which set new insects and freaky looking flowers on strong background colours with little people parts (heads and hands) popping up about the place.  There was also an exhibition hand sculptures from the Children’s Art Commission that I really loved.Hand SculpturesThe last time I properly visited Brick Lane was when I was at university in Archway about six years ago.  I vaguely remember being tempted by all the food stalls and heckled (in the nicest possible way) to come and try the £6.95 lunchtime curry special at 10.30am.  Rather wonderfully yesterday was no different.  Below are some of my favourite E.1 fonts – Brick Lane coffeeBoardsE.1After buying some veg at the Bethnal Green Road market I went to the Museum of Childhood. Museum of ChildhoodI have no idea why I love this Museum so much.  It seems totally unlikely as I neither have my own nor am massively en-amoured with other people’s children running riot but it’s just such a happy place!  There is no crying or bickering just old fashioned playing – on rocking horses, with toy cars, against other kids (and keen Dads) on the table football.  Plus it’s seriously noisey, with sirens and clackers and the sound of tumbling buckets and spades.  Happy Cat chairMy magical find of the day was this cat chair or animeuble by Gerald Rigot …and a very surprised teddy bear.Ted!


A few drawings I’m re-looking at/working on with textiles in mind.Variations on a theme – 

Pumpkin and Ginger Soup

It is Pumpkin time here in Provence.  Dan and I drove past a field of them being harvested yesterday…  I never knew they grew in a conga line!I saw these fabulous stone Pumpkins too – And special mention should be given to the beautifully presented fruit confits (crystalised fruit) in my favourite shop Jouvaud, if only because just looking at them is enough sugar to last me a week.Today all the leaves in the Luberon seemed to have turned various shades of yellow and red which is making it feel very Autumnal.  As its rather cold I’ve decided to make soup.  With the contents of my pre-weekly shop bare kitchen it would have proved quite a challenge had it not been for a Pumpkin.  I found this recipe in an old Sunday Times Style magazine and have been meaning it try it for a while (2007?)  It sounds warming, sweet and a little unusual for my conservative soup tastes… but with only three ingredients its time has come.Peel, half and de-seed a large Pumpkin.  Chop into quarters and place in a large pot.  Add 50g of roughly chopped ginger and enough water to half cover your Pumpkin pieces.  Cook until tender.  Remove from the heat and add in two large dollops of Creme Fraiche, salt and pepper.  Blend.  Serve with chopped chives and grated Parmesan.If anyone out there is interested I sell vintage textiles and haberdashery online at http://www.etsy.com/shop/LucyAliceHolmes