Endless Summer – Marseille Top Three

Felice Varini roof top installation

As August comes to an end, here are my top three things to do in Marseille that’ll make September a little bit brighter. 1. MAMO / Le Corbusier and Felice Varini.MAMO Felice VariniFounded in 2013 by designer Ora ItoMAMO (prehaps the most gloriously positioned art centre ever) sits atop Le Corbusier’s Cité Radieuse. With a 360 degree view over Marseille and previous installations from artists such as Xavier Veilhan, Dan Graham and Daniel Buren, the Unite d’habitation’s roof terrace is one of my favourite places in Marseille. Read my post on Daniel Buren’s colour extravaganza Defini, Fini, Infini here. This summer it was the turn of Swiss born Felice Varini and his perspective paintings, A Ciel Ouvert. Above and below: Triangles percés and Quatre droites aux trois croisements imageblock redshapes and spaces imageimageBelow: The brutalist exterior in all its colour blocking glory. Felice Varini at MAMO runs until 2nd October 2016. Entry is free from Tuesday to Sunday, 11am to 6pm. Corbusiers Cite Radieuse2. The Sea, or more specifically les calanques. imageThe sea was the choppiest I’ve ever seen it the last time I visited, but the inlets and nooks along les calanques mean there’s always a piece of clear blue Mediterranean to be found. Above and below: Calanques de Callelongue. Parking at the view-point (bottom photo) is free and a short walk away from the village. image imageles calanques de Marseille3. La Friche la Belle de Mai – Art gallery, music venue, library, skatepark and so much more besides, La Friche is a one stop cultural hangout that can’t be beaten. I love the mini gallery to the left of La Salle des Machines (the coffee-shop come bookstore) and the curation of its current exhibition Regards Sur Betroth, pasting images straight onto the walls.imageimageimageA former cigarette factory, La Friche is now a multidisciplinary space with an anything goes attitude that is matched by the decor. La Friche pattern appreciatigraffiti / artLa Friche - graffiti / artLa Friche Special mention should go to boutique printing press Le Dernier Cri whose rude and crude publications normally leave me cold, but whose Rorschach inspired prints (etchings?)caught my eye.Etchings? La FricheThe On Air music events held on La Friche’s vast 8000m2 roof space might be over but the transformation into an open air cinema is underway.
imageimageLa Friche is free and open from Monday to Saturday, 8:30am to midnight and Sunday, 8am to 10pm.

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