Looking Up in Aix

Wandering around Aix-en-Provence is a wonderful thing, especially when you have the time to look up. Here are a few of my favourite fonts, architectural features and religious icons snuggling in niches from my visit to Aix on Saturday.  Above: All of the aforementioned in one place. Below: Le Caffe des Cadeurs orginial Bar Gerin sign is a thing of art deco beauty.   Cardeurs fontsThe pollarded trees above the flower marker held in Place de l’Hôtel de Ville.flower market AixOK, not strictly looking up, but I love the woven plastic rugs …plastic rugsAnd super chic scooter…scooter AixAnd the architect posters hanging behing the faux industrial light fittings in Magasin General Plus (3, 5 Rue Matheron).  Plus those plastic crates are kind of cool too.imagePlace d’Albertas’ unique fountain and split personality:AixShutters and railings:imageShutters in and out, a mini Mary and some nice pot plants:imageRude railings:imageCurving streets:shuttersA monkey bike in police colours!  Honda monkey bikePatchwork bricks: imageFinally, one of my favourite things about Aix are the awesome VO cinemas.  Le Mazarin has the best exterior of any cinema I’ve ever seen with Hitchcock, Monroe and Chaplin, among others, keep watch over the latest releases.   Mazaran cinema Aix


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