Aix in Autumn

RRYesterday I went to Aix-en-Provence to see some awesome architecture.  Above, on the left, is Le Pavillon Noir by Rudy Ricciotti, the architect who also designed Marseille’s new MuCem.  The Pavillon is home to the Ballet Preljocaj.  On the right is the new conservatorie of Music and Dance by Kengo Kuma, which I like it because it looks like folded paper (and reminds me of a great book called Folding Architecture by Sophia Vyzoviti).
The historic centre or Vieil Aix, is predominantly 16th and 17th century.  On Saturdays it is entirely taken up which a huge array of market stalls…
Marche…Which at this time of year are full of colour…
BouquetsDecorativeHerbsAubergineAnd the produce is pumping!
SunflowersCourgeBletteAnother kind of bouquet – WindmillsSong of the Day: Donny Hathaway’s version of Jealous Guy

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