Sur le Pont

A few photos from my recent wander around Avignon, including the By Appointment only antique dealer with some jumbo baskets (and lovely window raffia blinds on the stories above).  I would have bought every one of Nathalie du Pasquier’s acid print cushions but at 90 euros each I decided to try and get my hands on some African textiles next time I’m on London’s Goldhawk Road and make something similar.   IMG_7033IMG_7032IMG_7034Love the pinkness, this cute toy shop window display and the boarder of waves.  Happy menWavesEnjoying a moment away from the heat and burning midday sun in the church on Rue Sainte Agricol.
domelightI also went to the newly re housed Collection Lambert.  Now temporarily installed in the former Prison Sainte-Anne behind the Papal Palace. WhoAbove: Who do you think you are? Barbara Kruger.  Below: Musee du Louvre Paris, Candida Hofer.  Great ice cream walls too!
Candida HoferBelow: J’ai reve d’un autre monde, Claude Leveque
IMG_6909Double doors –Double doors

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