The Med

Sunday was 31 degrees in the shade so I went to see the sea.SwimmerBeach barSormiou is part of the Calanques (limestone inlets along the French coast that look like fingers) and only 15 minutes bus ride from the centre of Marseille.  It might not be St Tropez but with estimated population of 85,5000 I expected one of Marseille’s closest stretches of water to be a whole lot busier.Mini HarbourBoat boyI have only ever visited the Calanques from the Cassis end, where you have to walk through Cassis to reach them and the whole experience is one high end South of France harbour money stripping extravaganza – wine, sea food, ice cream, postcards, maps and crap sea side shell art.  Sormiou is amazing because you have to park in some grotty Marseille suburb with boarded up houses and yet within 10 minutes hiking the view looks like this –High pointFirst viewThere is a road in, but it looks like a Top Gear test track and apparently takes about an hour.  There are roughly 24 Calanques reaching 20km from the south west tip of Marseille, along the bottom bit of French coast to Cassis.  Clarkson-esque

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