Tour de France 2014

20140721-084354-31434093.jpgYesterday the Tour de France came through our part of the world… And came down the stretch of road we use nearly everyday. Despite being the middle of July the weather was hideous and I spent four hours waiting road side under a black cloud.

20140721-084713-31633456.jpgI managed to grab a fair amount of swag/tat from the caravan (promotional vehicles) as they passed through on way to Nimes. The best being a bag of Madelines, the most random being some washing powder and a shopping bag printed up to look like a bag of oven chips.

20140721-084953-31793298.jpgStage 15 saw the Tour ride from Tallard to Nimes, a total of 222km. There were two breakaway riders who passed us about 6minutes before the peloton. The breakout pair were eventually caught 50metres from the finishing line! The peloton zipped by in approximately 45seconds, nearly knocking me off my feet. Worth it to see all those lovely legs though!





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