Barcelona – Day three

This morning I visited the Miles van der Rohe Pavilion.
20140627-151246-54766203.jpgBuilt in 1929 for the Barcelona International Exposition the original pavilion was dismantled at the end of the event. It was reconstructed (on its original site) in the 1980s and is now seen as one of the seminal examples of modernist architecture.20140627-151529-54929842.jpg


20140627-151528-54928842.jpgHaving seen images of the pavilion in just about every architecture book going, I loved how elegant and refined it looked in real life. So clean! I find it wonderful to think it was first built in 1929 and people are still looking to it as an example modern design.20140627-152634-55594659.jpgThe little green space behind it made me smile as did the fact you can hire it out for parties! (Not the websites exact words)20140627-152144-55304105.jpgAfter that I got completely lost and ended up in Mercat Boqueria surrounded by interesting architecture of a different kind and headless fish.20140627-152346-55426012.jpg


20140627-152347-55427843.jpgI saw these incredible looking dates and was fully prepared to tuck in when i realised the sign meant 1€ for 1!20140627-153648-56208500.jpgI then walked over to the Fundacio Antoni Tapies were I took the weight off my feet in their exquisite art and design library because hey, it’s my holiday and I’ll sit in a library if I want to.20140627-153953-56393116.jpg

20140627-153954-56394098.jpgThe Fundacio is also an art gallery. I like this painting by Tapies and really was impressed more by the building …I kept thinking what a great place it would be for a party!20140627-154218-56538533.jpg



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