Marseille 2014

In order to rectify the fact Marseille is my favourite city I’ve never slept in, I am having a pre-Easter mini break with a friend who is joining me tomorrow from London. I have decided to come a day early so as the save her all the grubby bits of city that I’m so excited to see (and that she probably gets enough of living in Dalston). The area I’m in tonight is full of nuns with road rage, cafe owners screaming at begging children to get lost, markets packeted with world produce, shops with unbelievable offers (4 litres of Fanta for 1 euro anyone?) usually called things like ‘Fantastic and Original’ and restaurants offering any type of cuisine except French. Below – the past 3 hours, since I arrived in Marseille, in photo form.20140411-195623.jpg20140411-195806.jpg20140411-200007.jpg20140411-195949.jpg20140411-200239.jpg

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