Nice 2014

I am in the glorious Côte d’Azur in the slightly less wonderful driving rain.20140103-202908.jpgIt’s my first time in Nice and despite waking around in a permanent rain cloud I am totally in love with the place. The buildings are a warm jumbly mess, it has trams and LOTS of bicycles, it’s by the sea and apparently Nice is second only to Paris for the amount of museums and art galleries it has.20140103-204747.jpgI spent most of yesterday sheltering from the rain in the Musee d’Art Moderne et d’Art Contemporain (MAMEC), a hulking concrete and glass building with some interesting interior shapes and spaces. If I ever manage to own my own house, I’m having a neon blue lit hand rail! The amazing wooden sculpture is by Arne Quinze.20140103-221252.jpg20140103-221424.jpg20140103-221433.jpg20140103-221441.jpgThe museum has a large collection of Yves Klien, Jean Tinguley and Niki de Saint Phalle. I loved this photograph of the last two together in the Sixties.20140103-210917.jpgMy favorite piece was by an artist I had never heard of called Jacques Villegie. Below: Boulevard Saint-Martin by Jacques Villegie.20140103-203833.jpgEssentially a bit of oversized collage!20140103-210036.jpgMAMEC has large glass eye shaped passageways leading from one part of the hexagonal building to the other…20140103-204104.jpgand an incredible roof garden/walkway, dotted with sculptures and massive palms and ferns.20140103-204225.jpgYesterday I also went to the Musee des Beaux-Arts.20140103-211113.jpg20140103-211844.jpg20140103-211905.jpgAs well as a version of Rodin’s Kiss, I loved the room dedicated to Raoul Dufy. After a fair amount of culture I wandered all around the city’s old quarter, up to the ruins of a chateau in the Parc de la Colline and ended up following my favorite kind of sign to Nice’s port.20140103-213012.jpg20140103-212739.jpg

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