Robert Doisneau – Palm Springs 1960

20131229-152237.jpgThis morning Mr Hope and I went to see a photography exhibition at the Campredon Art centre in L’Isle sur la Sorgue. The subject was Robert Doisneau, who is probably most famous for his photographs of Paris in the 1940s/1950s. The main body of work in this show however was his photographs of America in the 1960s – big landscapes, bright colours and lots of Style.20131229-154944.jpg20131229-155336.jpgI really liked how it was curated, separated into two themes by coloured rooms – hot pink for Palm Springs and moss green for Paris.  I also thought the Mies Van Der Rohe Barcelona stalls were super chic.20131229-154558.jpgAlthough I had seen a lot of his work before there were some incredible pictures of post/wartime Paris, my favourite one being of a man called ‘Monsieur Ali’ standing in front of his totally over grown caravan …it sounds kind if random now I’ve written it down! But it is an incredible photograph, one now that I can’t find anywhere online. I also like the two below …20131229-153853.jpg20131229-153527.jpg…and the ushers glasses.20131229-152013.jpgAs I’m a massive fan of anything decorative the actual building really floats my boat too.20131229-154212.jpg20131229-152618.jpg20131229-152712.jpg

Walking back through the antiques market I was amazed how busy it was despite being a. freezing and b. lunchtime. Below is quite possibly the best ever vendors lunch.20131229-152853.jpg

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