More More More

As this is my last week here in London I’ve been trying to pack in as much of everything as possible.  Highlights of the week so far include …The RA Summer Show gear up.Backdrop

The garden on top of the Southbank Centre…Southbank CentreChard…and the model (showing the proposed new works) inside.One for Dan 

The Lego St Pancras Station in Waterstone’s Piccadilly.Lego! 

Charles Correa, India’s Greatest Architect at RIBA.  Robert Motherwell: Collage at the Bernard Jacobson Gallery (who I’m now going mad for on Pinterest) etc etc  If I knew how to work the scanner at work I’d share my 100s of drawings! but they’ll just have to wait till I get home.


2 thoughts on “More More More

  1. ashropshirelard

    Dear Lucy, How are you lovely girl?? Your blogs have been amazing – you’ve seen sooo much! Puts me to shame how little culturally I’ve done! Anyhoo – I’m coming to Provence next week – this Saturday till the following, and hoping you will be back so we can do a lunch or supper?? I know you’ll prob be quite busy and I have my parents anyway but we must meet if possible! Let me know, Lots of love xxxxx


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