Very Fond of France

Mr Hope and I had a quick trip to Carpentras market this morning.  I love the fact the seasons are so clear-cut here… in weather and produce.  One of my favourite winter delicacies is the Galette des Rois or Kings Cake that’s served around Twelfth Night.  Its possibly one of the sweetest things I’ve ever eaten, with the light puff pastry sitting on top of a sticky almond filling (that usually has a hint of orange in it).  There is a small bean sized figurine hidden in the filling that is said to bring good luck to whoever finds it.  Traditionally I think there’s some Rum in there too.  The big spongey looking cake with cherries on top and a hole in the middle is like a massive Brioche.Galette des Rois from Jouvaud

Among my usual market purchases were a couple of Raspberry plants.  The guy selling them also had a good selection of propagated Lavender and some vines for sale.Vines

I also bought a ton of oranges so as to try a few recipes, a large handful of purple garlics, two Hyacynith bulbs and three fresh goat’s cheeses. OrangesI sadly did not buy this blue and white 2CV which I loved and can just imagine myself pottering around in.Dolly

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