2013 is here! Its been here for a while admittedly… I was hoping to get down to Marseille for the European Capital of Culture opening weekend and write about that as a bright, new, shiny start to the year but in between the snow and sleet and our car needing a service we never made it.  So its now the 25th and everything is pretty much the same as in 2012, only colder.  I think everyone must be inside hibernating because nearly all of the shops have battened down there hatches and the markets are non-exsistant.  All the time usually spent our exploring has been put to good use though,  chopping wood and drawing post-its – post-itsFlorian Baudrexel’s cardboard sculptures were the starting point for this new exercise as I was thinking about lines and texture.   For more of what inspires me see my pinterest page – frivoli_mittel_bearbeitetMr Hope is now diligently folding pieces of paper for me so I can draw, college and section them off to find something in them.dhripped

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