A Line Made by Walking

David Tremlott - Drawing for Free Thinking 2011My favourite way to spend a day in London is walking from gallery to gallery.  On Saturday I walked from my friends house in Stockwell to the Tate Britain, then onto the Saatchi Gallery on the Kings Road and then up to the Victoria and Albert Museum in South Kensington.  This post is about the art I loved along the way!  Starting with David Tremlott’s colour blocked stairway in the Tate.  I was really taken with Bruce McLeans photographs (below) that reminded me of Anthony Gormley… and what I was thinking about at art college.
Bruce McLean - 150ft SeaskapeI spent alot of time in front of Frank Bowling’s colour field-esque paintings and Francis Frith’s photographs of foreign lands.
Frank Bowling - Rosebushtoo 1975Bessbrooknights 1976BlueI think it’s the simple, strong shapes I enjoy about the Francis Frith photographs in the Tate. I really liked one titled ‘Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives’ and this one –Francis FrithFrom the Saatchi Gallery I loved the New art from Russia exhibition.  Below are my two favourite images from the series of Russian prison tattoos.
Saatchi GallerySaatchi2I finally ended up at the V&A.  One of my favourite room – The Casts Courts – was closed but I did find these charming heads, taken from Salisbury Catherdral (a place I hold in great affection as I went to school in Salisbury).  Even if I never see anything in particular at the V&A the building is worth the trek itself.
Casts from Salisbury CatherdralV&A

2 thoughts on “A Line Made by Walking

  1. John Buck

    Hi Lucy, glad you like Frith photos. As an expat you might find the Francis Frith web site interesting – photos of 7,000 UK cities, towns and villages. There is also a selection of “gallery” images chosen as having an appeal beyond their immediately locality. – see:http://www.francisfrith.com/gallery/
    Visitors to the site also add their own memories inspired by the photographs – and there are now over 34,000 memories – many are fascinating, funny and some sad, but together they provide a look at life in Britain over the last 70 years. Like you I have forsaken the shores of Britain for another country and now live by the ocean on Vancouver Island, Canada – which is bliss, but I agree at the end of the day none of the day to day issues of life go away!
    Best, John

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