Hot Coffee and Pancakes

Yesterday I went to Aix-en-Provence for Brunch.  According to a French friend Brunch is a fairly new phenomena here as it basically equates to a gentle way of ease yourself into the days eating and an excuse to sit for hours on end.  Something that people really don’t need help with in Provence.   When we arrived it was a perfectly fine day, by 11am however it was tipping it down with rain and we were swayed by the sign that read Aujourd’hui BRUNCH. Le Bistro Mejeanes is part of the Cite du Livre, Aix’s art centre housed in an old match factory.  It is, without doubt, my new favourite place and not just for the over-sized Petit Prince marking the entrance to the opposite library, or for the food for that matter which was worthy of a far higher price tag than 13€.  There were the obligatory Viennnoisseries piled high next to a plate of Brioche and flat triangles of pancake.  The eggs and bacon came next, along with potatoes and the Surprise du chef! Moules Mariniere.  Followed by Cheeses, a mixed Charcuterie and a variety of Salads – grated carrot and boozy raisins, sliced apples and crushed walnuts dressed with olive oil and haricot vert, baby plum tomatoes cut lengthways with pitted black olives.  After all that came Dessert including little pots of smooth dark chocolat mousse with gritty Feves de Cacao.  I had a piece of White choclate tarte with a green tea (so un-French I’m frequently told! but what to do if you don’t like Coffee?)  The lady opposite us however did like Coffee… small and black from what I could see.  She also liked pancakes rolled into cornets and slathered with honey which is too fabulous for words.A couple of lovely images – both flyers for Laterna Magica in Marseille.  The one on the left reminds me of a Tim Walker photograph.

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