Home Works

Heavenly blue skies!  After nearly a week of living in a rain cloud I finally have my view back.  This is the view from our bedroom window.  We look directly on to the Peter Mayle villages of Luberon and beyond that (through the gap) to Saint Victor, Marseille and Aix-en-Provence.  If Dan or I stand in our living room we can see the tail end, or more likely the beginning, of the Alpilles.  Its lucky that our view is so stunning as our little house resembles a tip.  It is not stylish, particularly well pro-portioned or beautifully decorated (a man around the 50/60years old mark lived here for 10 years by himself before us) …but all thats is about to change!  After three years here we are finally going to redo our maison de charme.  I like colour and have no intention of living in a white cube.  Roussillon is famous for its Ochre mines so I think we will try and buy pigments to mix our own shades.  The above and below pinks (for our bedroom – not all over Barbie pink though!) are inspired by a painting Dan bought me for Christmas a few years ago by my friend Emma Wilson (http://emmaswilson.wordpress.com/).We have four rooms in total – kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom.  The idea is to double the size of our bedroom so we each have a window over looking the Luberon.  Ideally we would also like to double the size of our front door (that leads directly into our main room).  Living in the South of France allows us plenty of light and scope for inside/outside living.  Below is a very quick and no doubt totally in accurate plan …when Dan returns I’ll get him to draw a scale version.  I like this way of displaying photographs – Neutrals for our main living area.  Below is a wonderful example of using Hessian as wallpaper – dreamy.The next painting I have my eye on is by painter Lydia Millward (http://www.lydiamillward.com/), I think the black will go wonderfully with the stoney neutrals of our walls. When we arrived our bathroom looked like a kebab shop with red marble effect tiles up to about 6ft.  Dan is keen to make a wet room.  Colour wise I like greens, perhaps only on the lower half of the room.Song of the Day: Boom! Shake the Room by DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince

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