Home Alone

In the interest of cheering myself up I’ve decided to cook something warming tonight.  De-seed and slice your squash in to chunky slices.  Place in a roasting tin with whole cloves of garlic, thin slices of chilli, rosemary, salt and pepper.  Mix it all in Olive oil.  Roast under the squash is soft and oozing.As it has been raining all day I’ve been had a rummage and found, among other things, these limited edition Lanvin stamps.  The sky tonight is a beautiful creamy pinky grey.  This is a wonderful change from the past THREE NIGHTS of thunder storms.  Our cottage is snuggled into the side of a hill which means you can hear the wave of thunder literally rolling over the house down into the valley.  If my nerves hadn’t been shredded I would have enjoyed the show as the Luberon looked like it was under a strobe light.  I should point out that I’m a chicken at the best of times but as I’m here alone I’m like a rabbit in head-lights! e.g terrified.

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