Gingerly Grating

Last week I went to within walking distance of Les Baux de Provence, a frequently voted ‘Most picturesque village of France’.  Instead of wandering around the 11th Century fortified castle perched on the ridge of the Alpilles I went to a bauxite quarry… or Carrieres de Lumieres / Quarry of Lights.Its easy to see why, before its rebranding, the quarry was know as the Cathedral of images (Dan is 6ft4″ to give you an idea of scale).  The Carrieres now provides the awesome backdrop for a Van Gogh exhibition – with his painting projected onto every surface.A week later and I can’t believe how quickly the weather can change.  It is most definitely now Autumn.  Below is my new favourite recipe for tea (or hot juice really) to keep away colds, there is so little to it that I feel rather silly putting it up here! but it makes a nice change from endless cups of green tea or lemon with honey.  Grate a large chunk of ginger into your cup.  Add boiling water and a splash of apple juice.

One thought on “Gingerly Grating

  1. frenchimmersion

    I love how the French do all this projecting of the great artists onto buildings. They do that here in Rouen. The first two years we were here they projected all of Monet’s paintings of the cathedral onto the cathedral in the summer after dark. It was spectacular and lasted a good half hour each evening. Sadly (or actually happily)the cathedral is under repair so this year we had to go without. The Quarry of Lights looks amazing though. Would love to see it!

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