Florentine Gardens

Some long over due photos from the wonderful Boboli and Bardini Gardens in the centre of Florence.  Of all the beautiful plants and walkways in the Giardino di Boboli my absolute favourite thing was the fountain with three monkeys sat around the base outside the Museo delle Porcellane.  The pale pink facade of the Museo delle Porcellane in the gardens grounds… and the view from its grounds.I was also taken by this impressively large pot of Basil! …and the bright Citrus colours of the Orangery garden.Giardino di Bardini is far smaller and therefore a lot better kept neighbouring Boboli.  I preferred the atmosphere of Bardini only because each area seemed so well thought out.  The statues were given such amazing vistas that the views over Florence were drowned out by the light.   I also found the planting more exciting as the steeply sloping lawns were intercut with bright slabs of pinks, oranges and yellows.  All of which looked incredible against the vast sea of white Hostas that made up nearly two entire borders.  Below:  White Hostas in the Autumnal garden.

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