Two very small things I liked today.  First up is a major rule breaker … Pages torn from Antique books and sold individually.  I normally walk straight by stalls with endless pages like this as I think its ‘Outrageous!’ and  so sad to see all them all being flogged in such a way but then I saw these A3 Parrots who were so fun and so smiley I had to buy them.  I’ll try not to make a habit of this but how could I resist?!  I especially like L’Amazone jaune.Secondly is the Maitre D’s handwriting at Les Deux Garcons.Dan and I decided to have a blow out lunch to celebrate the end of (the first tranche of) the rental season.  Les Deux Garcons’ special plat du jour was baby squid pan fried in garlic and cooked in tomatoes with the usual amounts of herbs de Provence.  I think it was also cooked in sea water (which is not impossible given Aix is 30 minutes away from Marseille) as it was seriously salty and for my tastes could have done with double the little floating island of rice that was found in the middle.

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