Sault is on the Route de la Lavande… the 50km or so through the Provencal countryside  where Lavender and to a lesser extent Sunflowers are grown in abundance.  Today seemed like a good day to go – it’s market day and enough before the Fete de Lavande on the 15th to still be colourful.  Below are a few of the colours from todays outing… I promise I won’t make a habit of sharing my dirty sups.These glass bottles were beautifully displayed in a glass cabinet lit from behind.  The shop I found them in has all kinds of treasures including vintage posters (Dan bought an original James Bond Octopussy poster – back when film posters were drawn works of art) and furniture.  There was a lovely Art Deco dressing table.  The large round mirror sat on a dark wooden table with two drawers and legs that curved into a semi-circle underneath it.  I also liked the packaging below – colourful and to the point.I could add about another 20 photos of little bits and pieces but am going out for supper and have a cake to ice!  So to end with …

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