En plein air

I’ve been rather slow on the blogging front recently mainly due to endless people and the general heat malaise that accompanies July in the South of France.  Anything that cools me down however is well worth a mention.While we were still in the UK Dan bought me Wild Swimming by Daniel Start.  It’s basically a book describing the best natural swimmable rivers and streams in the Great Britain … and it’s a good book too, we used to on many occasion and had great fun in the plunge pools by Castle Drogo in Devon and the waterfalls of Brecon among others.  When I ask some French friends if there was a similar book here they looked at me like I was mad, ‘Here Lucy, that’s just called Swimming’.  I saw another comment in the same vein in an Amazon review of the book, this time from an Australian guy.  It makes me smile to think how much the British love a guide book.  Yesterday we went to Fort Buoux again but decided to find somewhere for a picnic first.I hope our plunge pool/sparkling stream heaven makes you all suitably jealous!  Finally, a patchwork view or two from the way home.

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