Le Petit Apiculteur

A bee-keeper from Goult arrived yesterday with knife, box, smoking bellows and 5 year old son ready to remove our ever expanding hive from the Bastide.  Bizarrely I can hear his car on the drive as I’m typing as after delicately slicing off the sheets of honeycomb one at a time, placing them in the box (perched on the first floor window ledge), he descended the ladder to let us know he’d be back mardi soir.  Apparently the Queen bee (safely nestled in the layers of honeycomb now in the box) gives of pheromones that attract the rest of the swarm and after a day they should all have found their way to her.  The funniest thing was that his son, Simone, had a dinky little suit on too!  I have a great mental image of Dan and him sitting crossed legged on the grass watching his very calm Dad scoop up bees.  The honey looked  and tasted incredible.  On Sunday we went to L’Isle sur la Sorgue for a wander round the antique markets.  Below are a couple of things I found…After Sorgue we visited our friends in the Dentelles.  Camme is an architect turned vinter, whose award winning wine is available in Waitrose for all my English friends.  For more information see her website – http://www.domainesaintamant.com.  What I was interested in however was her father Jacques sculpture garden.  Jacques lives about a 10 minute walk up the mountain and has complete control over all artistic purchases.  A long time ago I remember going to Roche Court outside Salisbury in Wiltshire with my school and being WOWed by it.  Jacques collection (and view) are really something else though.  I think a house/Sculpture/garden is definitely on the dream list.  Aside from the sculptures, the names of which have been sadly forgotten or deemed unimportant, I loved their neon chairs and understated garden – check out that view!

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