Champagne and Shopping

The organisers of the annual Cote Sud design fair in Aix-en-Provence rather cleverly put a massive Champagne tasting consession in the middle of the exhibition.  I should say that it was accompanied by many food stalls and wine tasting tents, all of which Dan and I visited during Saturdays outing.  We did hit the designer stalls first but not having any cash to burn window shopping in the heat soon lost its appeal.  We did manage about two hours of gentle browsing though and below are a select few of my colourful favourites –A lovely loose linen chair cover that I could and (when I have the time) will be copying for our sofas.  Of all the little bits that were on display I liked the pottery by jars the best.  Again bright colours and bold shapes.As you can probably guess the best bit was the amazing food area.  There was an absolutely fabulous woman on the Champagne stand who obliged us with three glasses each.  Its amazing what you can get if you pretend to be getting married! (just kidding)After that I rather drunkenly bought four pots of hot onion chutney from a woman who was most amused by Dan thinking he was fluent in French.  She must have had about 30 different jams and preserves on display and I think Dan tried every single one with the poor woman having to wrestle to replace his spoon every time …this is before he moved onto the Parmesan slices and poire liquers being handed out by a neighbouring stall and the macaroon nibbles from the cake lady.  It was then we decided lunch might be a good idea.  We found Mina Kouk who has a fantastic Lebanese/Turkish cafe in Aix.  Mezze (clockwise from bottom left) – Tubala with spring onions and hot peppers, Aubergine Caviar, Meat Balls, slow roasted veg, olives, pizza, carrot, coriander and orange puree.  I had already eaten the goats cheese parcels and half my corn bread.  2 euro glass of Rose with Strawberries – which I scoffed although I doubt you were suppose to.  Below – Jouvaud slice of heaven.  Mix fruit with almond crumble top on puff pastry base.  I left wondering if Jouvaud have work experience scheme and vowing to walk around Aix all afternoon to burn off the excess.  

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