Top five things that made me smile this week

1. The field of poppies outside Apt2. Design in Aix (including the world’s most OTT wine cooler) Tea-pot from L’Epecerie in Aix that I LOVED and Dan hated.  Ditto the spoon.  Below –  A tres extravagant wine cooler and a whole lot of light bulbs!3. Ladybird clic-clacs!!I found these tin ladybirds in a little shop in Aix.  The box they were in said clic-clacs which i’m assuming is some kind of toy??  I’m going to use them as clips (they have a kind of bull-dog clip underneath) as soon as I find a home for them.  This photo shoot from Marie Claire Maison also made me smile – look at those colours!

4. An over loaded car5. Re-reading The Beach in the sun

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