Cherries – The First of Many

A small carefully selected selection of the plumpest, reddest, juiciest cherries that have appeared so far!  All the rain and grey skies have been well worth it as I could nibble all day.  Luckily we have 35 trees outside our cottage, so in a few weeks that will be a real possibility.  Expect ALOT of cherry related cooking.  A photographer was at Bourrade all day which meant that (after spending all week preparing for his arrival) I had time to do some drawings outside.  An unknown little bell flower..  It’s purple with feathery layers.I also had developed an old film from an old Olympus OM10 camera.  All the pictures were blurry which serves me right as I think the camera is one I purloined from the art department at school.  A couple of them had nice light qualities to them though.  

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