Cousellet – All things bright and beautiful

I’ve had a fantastic weekend full of sunshine, colour and food!  This morning Dan and I went to Cousellet market to buy some of the more unusual fruit and vegetables.  The first Bourrade guests (who arrive next month) have asked for quite a lot of cooking, so it’s fun to source as much different local produce as possible.Cousellet is great for people watching.  Over breakfast (pain au raisin and a cafe englongee – Dan, Tea Vert and little Almond cake – Me) we saw the following – A man who ate both his and his wifes pain au chocolat while she was shopping in the market, only for her to return and for him to ask her to go and buy some as he forgot!  The lady with the Nougat and Macaroon stall who bent down to replace what she’d sold only to pop two Biscotti in her mouth.  A serious ancient couple eating Oysters at 9.30am… the man was slathering a thick layer of butter over his brown bread from a packet he had bought with him while his wife had a Patis!  I very much hope to be doing the same at their age (possibly 75).We found a stall that sold nothing but eggs.  I always think Quails eggs look like marble.Our market bought Goat’s cheese for lunch.  Everybody is so used to seeing magazines and cookbooks with beautifully styled plates that I’m practising upping the presentation for guests! Last night we went to see friends who live in the Dentelles.  There are so many beautiful aspects to their house – the view, the house itself, the sculpture garden – all of which of course completely un-capturable in the dark.  So I’ve had to make do with their great pottery.

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