Today has been a long day.  The Rally de Venasque passes right in front of Bourrade which means the road is closed from 8am.  We had to be up and out the house a little past 7am – eurgh! far too early for me.  It did mean however that we caught the tourist trap that is now Gordes early enough to be the only people admiring the view.Over the past few days I’ve been pre-occupied by pots, plants, benches and all other general outside items after finding a dis-garded rusting light fixture.  These sell for about 300euros in L’Isle sur La Sorgue so I am very smug indeed.  Below are a few things that have caught my eye – Yesterday we visited Glanum, an ancient settlement at the foot of the Alpilles.We had lunch at Taberna Romana supposedly a Roman restaurant.  Before we saw the menu it sounded to me like a rather dubious claim, the food however was incredible.  I tried to scribble down as many ingredients as possible, the resulting list doesn’t do the flavours or smell justice but at least I’ll be able to (try and) recreate some bits at home.

Inspirational patterns…

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