The Fastest Biscuits in the West

French Biscuits like Letters are far naughty than the English kind. On Thursday evening I accompanied Caro to her adult English conversation class where she informed her pupils that I was a mystery English guest and they had to interview me to deduce who I was! They looked totally terrified and I began to wonder if I have the same look when I speak French.  Every member of the class was totally charming, not least Brigette who brought WHITE WINE biscuits with her and then very kindly translated the recipe for me. Apparently they should be dunked into your chosen glass of desert wine! How decadent! Luckily it was 7pm on a weekday evening and the only option was tea.I’ve yet to try out Brigette’s recipe but have just finished (eating) a batch of dark chocolate and ginger biscuits with a large cup of Rooibos tea.  This super fast biscuit recipe originally comes from Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall’s Everyday cook book but I’ve changed a couple of few things as I don’t like my biscuits too sweet.Melt 120g of butter and add to 100g of brown sugar.  Beat in one egg, a pinch of salt and 150g of flour – I use a mix, 50g of Almond flour and 100g of normal white flour.  Its ok if the mixture is slightly sloppy.  Stir in any extra bits – grated ginger, chocolate, raisins, lemon zest, I’ve even used mashed ripe bananas before.  Cook for about 15 minutes at 180 degrees until brown.

Living in France has made me realise that tea-time is something very British.  For Brigette et al. a biscuit was something small to be enjoyed slowly.  When I think back to all the English tea-times! Rushing back for a slice of cake after school, custard creams at 20minute break ‘Just two biscuits!’, chocolate fingers and jam tarts with my Aunt and Uncle, Fondant Fancies as a treat.  Guests often ask me if I miss anything about the UK.  Friends? Of course, Family? Sometimes, Food? Dan’s instant answer is Bacon but I think mine would have to be Battenberg.     Martin Parr – Chew Stoke, A Year in the Life of an English Village 1992

I’ve been drinking a lot of tea recently… probably because I’m on my own and its something to do but also because I’ve found Yogi Tea!  Every tea bag label has a different piece of Karmic advise such as ‘Challenges create Strengths’ and ‘Together we can do what we never can do alone’.  The box is also very groovy and has a simple yoga stretch on it.

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