Yesterday I finally finished my quilt!  Made from fabric donated by a friends parent the only thing I had to buy was the Liberty bias binding.  It has taken me three years of slow sewing! but I’m pleased with the end result.  Lucky Mr Hope, returning home from an army Arctic Survival course to find our bed has turned into a garden…  His favourite story of how he returned from Afghanistan to find I’d painted our bedroom pink might be replaced.  Next job is to repair my (or possibly my brothers?) Indian bed cushion.  Under a minute on the bed and theres already a cat on it – 

3 thoughts on “Quilt

  1. Corinna Harrod (@CorinnaHarrod)

    Oh my god I can’t believe I saw you the day before yesterday and I didn’t even quiz you… i’m DESPERATE to make a quilt but my machine is broken (i think) and just generally i don’t know what i’m doing. you need to come back and help me x

  2. Ele the smell

    Lucy! Your quilt is stunning – so inspiring.. I might have to think about making one for de bubba?! With some advice from you though! I’m thinking about making some bunting too..?? Hope you had fun in London. Sorry not to have seen you at Becca’s..xxxx

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