Bonjour 2012!

Happy New Year!  If 2012 is as fun filled and bright as the 1st I’ll be extremely happy.  This will hopefully be the first post of many about walks from our front door at Bourrade.  Our new years day hike was a five hour wander around the hills behind us …in glorious sun-shine.2012 sounds like a strong positive year and my number one aim is to get my gardens up and running by spring.  I’m also intending to 1.start up my own textile business 2.start painting again a studio! our house … and many more.  Below are some way markers that I find charming (Dan thinks I’m mad)We left rather later than planned, so it was about 4.30pm by the time we started our ascent home.  I have yet to produce a photo that does the views justice but this look looking out towards Carpentras and the Dentelles is possible the best to date.Below: A glowing Ventoux!  It’s easy to see why Cezanne, Picasso etc painted here, the light is incredible.

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