If I could live anywhere in Provence (and possibly Europe) it would be Aix.  Light, bright, busy, culturally diverse and full of pretty young students with endless legs – this appeals more to Dan than me, so much so he has renamed it Legs-en-Provence.By the time we arrived in Aix it was pre-luch-drink-o’clock and time to indulge in some serious people watching;  Mothers and daughters in identical outfits, a group of elderly women sipping their Patis’, families enjoying the Christmas market, the aforementioned students strutting around in their unofficial uniform of gigantic sunglasses and boots (as opposed to trainers or ballet pumps – very English apparently).  It was the first time we had been in Aix on market day and while Jassy brought spices Dan brought me some flowers to ‘fit in’ as every other person strolling around seemed to have some…A very nice bouquet spotted at a market stall –     After some gentle wandering we decided to have lunch at Les Deux Garcons in honour of Peter Mayle.  When Dan and I came to Aix before we ate at Les Deux’s outside terrace and only discovered the glorious Belle Epoque interior when we went in to pay.  The whole place encourages decadence and long lunching.  We spent three hours having a totally outrageous meal courtesy of Jassy!  Champagne, Fois Gras with pepper jelly and spicy chutney, Pumpkin and Nutmeg soup, Couchette de la Mer (for Dan and Jass), Pork with honey roasted potatoes for me, Opera and Baba Rhum for dessert.  Below are a couple of blurry photos that reflect my head by the time we left.Above: Jassy and the bottle of Rum that accompanied her dessert.  Below: My new job title.  I have been searching for an appropriate job title after guest at Bourrade asked me ‘So, what did you do before you were a professional hostess?’  Needless to say Dan found this hilarious.Feeling fully fuelled for some sight seeing we then visited the Catherdral St Sauveur.  St Sauveur has easily become one of the most visually interesting Catherdrals I’ve ever seen… There was so much light and colour!  Despite having just eaten three courses we finished our day in Aix in Place de Hotel de Ville with a cup of tea and some window shopping.  The colours throughout the city are so warm and soft that you could be in Italy.  The sky on the way home was awesome too.

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