Listening to the BBC today I learnt that there are approximately 5,000 people per square kilometre in the UK.  Given that Dan and I are currently sat all alone in 3 square kilometres I’m feeling rather smug.  The idea of sharing Bourrade with potentially 15,000 other people is somewhat hideous!Despite the distinctly wintery weather we headed into Carpentras for our first french lesson.  I am outrageously excited at the prospect of homework and of engaging my brain in the way only learning something new can.  Todays lesson was just to gage how much we know, what we need to know and how confident we are.  Our gorgeous teacher Caroline has also invited us to lunch next weekend (we met last week at a party thrown by the totally charming Hubert – Dan’s cycling friend).  Finally some semblance of a social life!Afterwards while shopping in the market we bumped into Joanna – our first friend in Provence and the owner of Chateau Unang.  Joanna and her husband James became instantly my favourite ever guests when they brought NINE bottle of wine round for dinner.  Having managed to invite ourselves round for sunday lunch I now have to turn my mind to what to make as a pudding (after Dan promised we’d bring one).  We had lunch at L’Industrie in Sorgue where the desert du jour was clementine and chocolate tart.  Finally tonight I have rediscovered a seductive little cookery book called Apricots on the Nile by Colette Rossant.  Three recipes I will try this month – traditional humus, roast rabbit with sage and grilled chicken with roasted bananas (I’m sure chicken a la banana makes an appearance in Four Weddings and a Funeral ??)

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