Building projects Bourrade

Today I was collecting rocks to clad Mr Hope’s new driveway wall ……and thinking about the design for our yard.  I’m hoping to transform it into a relaxing, useable, private space as opposed to a dumping ground.  The awning was designed by Dan and made by me as a way of shading us from the sun and the guests in the Mas – who could look straight down into our house.  The ratty looking wooden awning and blue plastic curtain at the far end of the house is currently our shed.   Ideally we’d like to turn it into a large kitchen which would be wonderful as it’s so warm (the roof line is level with Angela’s kitchen garden behind).  The below reference was found in the 2010 Ikea catalogue – it reminded me of earth houses.The best thing about our house and garden is the view.  When we arrived the previous guardians had put up a five foot high fence!  I think we’ll build a low wall in keeping with the other side of the cottage to give us the sense of privacy.It will be lovely when the planting complements the landscape – Lavenders, Box, Mimosa, Iris and Bourgonvillea.





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